Transforming and shaping life in the future development of Sport, Recreation + Community facilities through Third Place Thinking™

What is Third Place Thinking™️?

We design sporting, communities, and living spaces that unites cultures and people from across the globe.

We create third places for people.


Home is where the heart is.  It is a sacred space to relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones.

Third Place

That place where we converge, where we provide supportive, sustainable, safe environments for our family and friends.


The busy, professional, rewarding and sometimes stressful space where you turn your ideas into plans, and your plans into action. 



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Third Place Thinking™ Founder, Dion Gosling OLY – Sports Architect, will be discussing how can global Third Place Thinking™ be applied locally to the design of our sports and community facilities, and act to better reconnect our communities, tomorrow.