TEMC 2021

Presentation: On Demand, 11-13 October 2021
Online – On Demand Presentation

How can global Third Place Thinking™ be applied to our high performance sports and culture, to better reconnect our tertiary community?

Designers are rapidly reimagining our built and social environments. From speculative structures to breakthrough approaches, this theme explores new wave design-thinking and innovation.

How do we do this? We shape culture through community social, cultural, environmental, and economic values. Just as the high-performance athlete seeks change and improvement on a daily basis, we establish benchmarks for baseline performance upon which to make gradual and subtle improvements.

In this context, how does Tertiary Education address high-performance sport in culture and environment, and how do tertiary institutions successfully integrate community users of university infrastructure?

Over the last year, the way in which we connect our education communities, students, families and friends has never been more important.

We have seen just how vital our environmental and cultural conditions have been particularly through the lens of design in raising our tertiary sector to greater heights.

As we address the physical, mental, social, environment and economic benefits which lay ahead, the environments in which we learn from and share knowledge in, become more important and relevant to our wellbeing.

A critical role of design is to imagine and create alternative worlds that respond to current issues and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Where we seek better social outcomes on a more intimate level, how has our approach to design changed as a result of the events of the past two years?

Case studies from Australia and NZ provide insight into how the expectations of high-performance sport within tertiary environments is changing, and open the question as to “how are tertiary institutions responding?”

One area of insight and learning is at the intersection of the high-performance sport and community grass-root level cultures. It is at this place – the Third Place – where values are transformed.

What are the connections we need to be making, and the conversations we need to be having right now?

This presentation will explore the themes of high-performance culture and the subtle change that lies ahead. A learning outcome will be to enable our facilities managers to take an old concept (Third Place), and reimagine it in a new context and application that could reconnect our communities.

We will challenge strategic thinkers and planners of our tertiary environments to consider the greater opportunity for our sport and community facilities to enhance our social connections, and community well-being.